eBook description

Are you a student getting ready to enter the real world? Did your parents or years of education teach you everything you need to know when it comes to your financial life after you move out for good? Personal finance classes for students are not required like math or science, but a short lesson on intentional saving and spending prior to hitting the real world can be life changing for those who read The iGeneration Investor.

This personal finance book for the young will address not only intentional saving and spending but also real-world issues like consumerism, housing, transportation, credit cards, and the power of saving at such a young age. The iGeneration Investor includes an easily understandable financial roadmap for saving and spending called The iGeneration Investor Plan-an order of paying bills and saving each month that aligns with young person’s personal values and future plans.

The iGeneration Investor by J.M. Brady is a simple, thoughtful approach to saving and spending that promotes positive choices and habits for those just hitting the workforce full time. It gives timely advice that steers young people away from making bad financial choices so early in life and shows them how to go down a road that leads to freedom and purpose that really is life changing. The ebook is modestly priced so any student can afford it and benefit from what’s inside via the Kindle app on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. The book includes a special chapter on a debt-free strategy for higher education.